Weekend Sounds


The weekend. We’re all living for the weekend. Those two days when we get to do whatever the hell we want to do. Two days where the possibilities for life seem endless, and our playlists feel never ending.

We don’t know what you get up to during your weekends, however we’re pretty sure that music plays a part in one way or another. Meeting friends for drinks on a Friday after work? Out at the club on a Saturday? Chilling at home on a Sunday? Yeah, we’re pretty sure that you’re savouring or getting ready to play your favourite house jams.
You see the thing about weekends, is that they’re magical portals that open once every five days. When we finally get to live out the lyrics to our favourite house tunes. When we actually get to be “up in the club” out on the dance floor “tearing shit up”. Ok ok, you’re most likely to hear those lyrics in a hip hop track, however, you get the picture right. It’s a time, for utter relaxation or escapism. And what better vehicle to use other than house music to get there.

So while we deal with the harsh reality of having to do what we have to do to survive from Monday to Friday, let’s blaze a few of our favourite weekend sounds, and find comfort in the fact that come Friday, we’ll venture once more into the portal of our favourite house playlists. Enjoy your weekend!
















Catch up 3



All Up In The Club

All Up In The Club




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