The Lost Tapes

The Lost Tapes


Throwbacks. We love throwbacks, and couldn’t particularly care if they happened on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or any other day as a matter of fact. Especially if they relate to house music. And the further back the throwback…the better.

We’d be lying if we told you that nostalgia doesn’t get the better of us. Cause truth be told, it does. We absolutely live and die for listening to house tracks from back in the day. Way before the EDM crazy, when house was still more of a novelty than a norm. When streaming referred to rivers, and cassettes reigned supreme as king. Look don’t get it twisted, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current state of house music. As a matter of fact if anything, consumers have never had it better. With a plethora of streaming sites, purchase sites, and YouTube of course, house music fanatics are now exposed to more music now than they’ve ever been before. However, for the scholars of house music, and yes we do consider ourselves scholars, sometimes, just sometimes, we can’t help but feel like something’s been lost.

Looking back, there was always something special about having to hustle to find the latest house jams. About having to ask Jimmy if his friend Tim had that new ish they’ve been playing on the radio at midnight. Or better yet, having to stay up all night for that one “House DJ” to play “that jam” while your fingers balanced perfectly between the play and record buttons, waiting to get the timing right so you just about miss the advert. Guess that’s something the post cassette generation know nothing about.

Back to what we were saying; In as much as we love having instant accessibility to our favourite jams, sometimes, we can’t help but feel like we’ve lost the magic of discovery. That’s why when we stumble upon an old school mix with some classic house jams, we can’t help but get excited, and relive the ritual of finding those sacred house sounds.

We’ve put together a few lost tapes that we found in the SoundCloud archives. However, no need to get your cassettes out this time. Just sit back, and savour the walk down memory lane. Enjoy!











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