Quarantine Stream

Quarantine Stream


Hi everyone. Welcome to quarantine season. Where the days are many, friends are few, and boredom is served every hour on the hour. With the Corona Virus taking our gigs & festivals away, a lot of us house heads had started to feel a little lost. Like soldiers without a cause. Our beloved DJs were relegated to their homes & studios. While us fans were left wondering if we’d ever get to see them play live again. Well, that is until live streams lit the net up.

Look, it’s not like live streams are anything new. Live streams have been around for a minute, however never really as the main attraction. Sometimes, and more often than not, live streams were add ons to events that were going down, with very few DJs using them as a way to connect with fans authentically. No lie, they were a pretty nifty marketing tool…that is until they graduated to the main attraction.

These days you can log onto Instagram and find your favourite DJs streaming a live set. Then switch over to Twitter and find DJs going back 2 back on the 1s & 2s. And if you still haven’t gotten your fix, you can go to YouTube and catch the most dangerous duos killing it in a kitchen. It’s a house lovers dream. And we’re honestly spoilt for choice, as DJs leverage the power of social media to connect with their fans like never before. However, and perhaps more importantly, what these live streams have managed to accomplish is unite us all during these trying times. Making us feel less alone as we combat the Corona Virus through isolation.

Since the beginning, house music has always been an instrument of unity. A conduit through which strangers become friends. With DJs now reaching out to the masses in new and innovative ways, people now have a beacon of light to focus on through this tragedy, as technology & the human spirit bring us all together to share in this thing called house music, as we take on one of the biggest threats to humanity.

We’ve put together a few live streams to keep you indoors, and help you get through quarantine season. So kick back, relax, and let’s live stream together as we take on the Corona Virus.



Calvin Harris – Love Regenerator Livestream


GoldFish in your Living Room no 2


Disclosure – Kitchen Mix (Self Isolation F.M.)


Hot Since 82 and Michael Bibi Live from the Kitchen in Lockdown


Defected Virtual Festival 2.0


Scorpion Kings Live Mix


Corona Sabbath 3 presented by Diplo & Secular Sabbath w/ Rhye


Nina Kraviz Home stream vol.1






Catch up 3



HRADIO EP 28 –  Into The Wild By ChaRacter

HRADIO EP 28 – Into The Wild By ChaRacter

House Music South Africa · HRADIO EP 28 – Into The Wild By ChaRacter                                  HMSA Releases



HMSA Releases




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