Monique Bingham

Monique Bingham


She’s perhaps one of the most prolific house vocalist to ever grace the mic. The quintessential sound of soulful house. Ask any house producer and they’ll attest to the fact. Ask any house lover and they’ll confirm, that there’s simply no one more magical than Monique on a house beat.

We’re fans. In every sense of the word. You see, for many of us in SA, Monique Bingham’s voice came to define the sound of soulful house, at a time when house music was nothing but a fledgling genre fighting for a place in the spotlight with Kwaito in the post 1994 era of radio, where new sounds that captured the imaginations of people began to make their way onto the airwaves for all to hear. And so with that, Monique’s voice reverberated into the homes and hearts of people all across the country. Her brazen vocals on Matty’s Deep Zone Dub of “We had a thing”. Her honest lyrics on Blue Six’s “Pure”. Her sizzling vocals on Sir Piers’ “Don’t You Love Me”. And not to mention her unforgettable collabs with Quentin Harris on “You Can’t Have New York” and “Poor People”. Definitive sounds, that are etched into our inner earlobes for all eternity.

With a discography that reads more like a love letter to house music than anything else, it’s not hard to understand why the mere mention of her name sells out venues across SA. Droves flock to hear her live performance of “Take Me To My Love” with Ralf Gum. Others flock to hear her defiant voice in “You. Me. World” with DJ Christos. And us? Well, we’ll take Monique anyway we can get her.

Sure they’ve been others. Sure they are others. Sure they’ll be others. However, whichever way you wish to look at it. Whatever way you wish to spin it. There’s simply no one more magical than Monique on a house beat. We’ve put together a few of our favourite songs featuring Monique Bingham for you to savour. Press play, and enjoy!












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