Loungin Around Sounds

Loungin Around Sounds


Quick question…What exactly is lounge music? It’s not exactly house music, nor is it broken beat. It’s not exactly R&B, and it’s not quite neo soul now is it. In our estimation of things, lounge music is exactly that. Music that makes you wanna just lounge around and chill.

You’d be hard pressed to find a DJ or an artist who considerers themselves a “lounge specialist”. Cause to be honest, it’s not really the most clearly defined genre of music now is it. However in our estimation of things, lounge music can’t really be limited to a single track, instead, it’s defined by the songs that are featured. By the tracks that precede and follow a particular beat, and how they assist in setting the overall mood for chilling. Case in point…Café del Mar

Café del Mar has built a brand around a mood, a tone, an atmosphere that’s centred loosely around a lounge type of sound. Often times, you may not know the particular artist, however, there’s no mistaking their laid-back Balearic sounds. Beats that are synonymous with beautiful people, colourful cocktails, and the silky sunsets of Ibiza.

We’ve put together a few laid-back beats to set the scene for whatever occasion you may dream up. So kick back, relax, and stream these loungin around sounds. Enjoy!











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