Gig Goals

Gig Goals
Whether you wanna be at them, or play at them, there are just some gigs that will forever remain goals. Some for their prestige, and others for their popularity. And then, there are a select few that we simply wanna go to for the view…and the music of course

A wise realtor once said that “it’s all about location, location, location”. Ok, so we may not be in the business of buying and selling houses, however, these wise words couldn’t be anything less than true or applicable to just about, well…everything really. Sure there ain’t nothing like a good house gig. Like getting down and dirty in a dope club, or better yet, standing in a field at festival drinking your beer, while watching your favourite DJ do their thing on the decks as the sun gently beats down on your face. Ahhh talk about house music heaven. In fact, the only thing better than that in our opinion, is a gig that somehow adds to that sensory experience. Creating a tailor made memory, that pairs the perfect DJ & the perfect setting to make an almost once in a lifetime house moment.

We know, we know…you think you’ve been to one of these before. Or, you’re probably thinking that it’s too far fetched and idealist to be true. But trust us, this kind of thing is happening outchea. We just don’t know about them until they’re on YouTube.

We’ve put together a few hot house gigs both big & small, that we would have absolutely loved to play at or be at. Hell, we’d even be the cameramen if given the chance. So forget your #TravelGoals and your #SquadGoals, and instead, focus on adding these kind of events to your #GigGoals list. Enjoy!




Black Coffee live at Café Mambo for Radio 1 in Ibiza


Fatboy Slim at British Airways i360 for Cercle


Hot Since 82 live from a pirate ship in Ibiza


CLAPTONE at Yacht Week in Croatia


Above & Beyond Deep Warm Up Set on Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong


Nina Kraviz at the Eiffel Tower for Cercle






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Best Songs 2019

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