Festivals We’re Looking Forward To

Festivals We’re Looking Forward To
Ok, so we’ve reached that somewhat awkward part of the year. That part of the year where we’re all still clinging to the memories of the events that transpired last year, as we all eagerly await the festivities of the new year.

If last year is anything to go by, there’s really nothing to be worried about folks. We’ve still got Ibiza, ADE, Spring Fiesta, Ultra SA and so much more to look forward to this year. Don’t believe us? Well, to prove it to you, we’re bringing you a brief flashback of some of the biggest house music festivals & events that are yet to go down both locally and abroad this year. Festivals, that promise to bring you plenty of new pics for Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. So let’s get to planning, get to saving, and get to deleting those old profile pics. Cause by the look of things, it’s about to be one hell of a year.



Ibiza Rocks 2018 Aftermovie


Spring Fiesta 2017 Aftermovie


Tomorrowland Belgium 2018 Aftermovie


Ultra SA 2018 Aftermovie


Defected Croatia 2018 Aftermovie


Untold 2018 Aftermovie








Catch up 3



HRADIO EP 28 –  Into The Wild By ChaRacter

HRADIO EP 28 – Into The Wild By ChaRacter

House Music South Africa · HRADIO EP 28 – Into The Wild By ChaRacter                                  HMSA Releases


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