Featuring Jill Scott

Featuring Jill Scott
There’s probably no other R&B/ Neo Soul artist, whose vocals have been featured or sampled on a house track more than Jill Scott’s. Ok, well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However one thing we know for sure is that she’s definitely up there with the likes of Sade & Erykah Badu, and it really isn’t hard to understand why.

When Jill Scott dropped her debut album, “Who Is Jill Scott?”, her vocals instantaneously became the fantasy of every house producer. Not only was her voice infused with the stuff that resonates deep within one’s soul, but the lyrical content of her songs painted the most vivid images of love, loss and everything else in-between. Songs like “A Long Walk”, “Slowly Surely”, “He Loves Me” & “Love Rain” catapulted her into superstardom, while simultaneously fanning producers need to sample her sultry vocals. However, house music’s infatuation with Jill Scott didn’t end there. It relentlessly followed her well into her other works, with numerous producers sampling her vocals on tracks like “Golden”, “Hear My Call” & “So Gone” but to name a few.

Jill Scott in our opinion is to house music what the moon is to the earth. Illusive, yet every present. Forever influencing the tides of our souls while orbiting on her own trajectory, unknowingly illuminating our house sounds from afar, with the kind of sultry vocals house music is made of.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite house tunes featuring Jill Scott. Press play, take a listen, and let your soul swoon to the sound of her vibrant vocals.

















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