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In the world of house music, every DJ is fighter. Each with their own unique power & skill sets. Some are well trained in the dark arts of deep house. And others, in the mystical melodies of afro tech. And their opponents? The ears & hearts of listeners. As they dual it out on the decks to move the masses on the dance floor every weekend. In the world of house music, every DJ is a fighter. The only question is, who do you pick?

Wielding house music like magic. And using decks as their weapons. Each DJ does battle under the cover of night.
Calling upon their musical tribe, they rage against the silence of night, to fight against the monotony of life. Afro tech scholars send piercing synth sounds into the night sky. Deep house DJs conjure up beast like basslines. While disco defenders bring radiance and light, with vibrant house vocals that are totally “outta sight”.

In the world of house music, every DJ is a fighter. Some fight alone. And others, as duos. However every once in a while two fighters unite, to go back to back deep into the night.

In the world of house music, Themba, Louie Vega, Kabza De Small, Black Motion, Chris Lake, Black Coffee, Nina Kraviz, DJ Shimza & DBN Gogo are all fighters. The only question is…who do you pick?

We’ve put together a few of our favourite fighters to showcase their super powers. Just to remind you of what you can expect, once we’re all reunited on the dance floor once again.













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HRADIO EP 23 – Eclipsed

HRADIO EP 23 – Eclipsed

House Music South Africa · HRADIO EP 23 – Eclipsed By DJ Lionel                                  HMSA Releases



HMSA Releases




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