Clubbin’. We love clubbin’. We love the low lights, the late nights with friends, and yes of course, loosing ourselves on the dancefloor. The club, ah yes we love the club. However, things have changed.

As far as clubbin goes in SA, these days, stadiums are the new temples. With the demand for house music far exceeding the limitations of a club, promoters & DJs alike are flocking to fields to satisfy the house hungry masses. And in the process, making house music more accessable to the people. With the rise of our own local talent in the early 2000s, the local nightlife landscape has changed significantly. On any given night, you’d be hard pressed to find a house song by an international DJ on high rotation in clubs & stadiums alike. Name any big SA DJ/Producer, and they’ve most definitely had a banger that’s made a night of debauchery & the accompanying hangover worth it. Omunye, Midnight Starring, Club Controller, & Rambo are but a few SA house hits that had us sinning in stadiums. With local house sounds that capture the vividness of the SA landscape, DJs, the high priests have amassed legions of fans. So much so, that filling up fields every weekend is the new norm. However, that’s not to say that clubbin’ in its truest form is dead. In our estimation of things, it’s just a sign of the evolving nature of our music scene.

Sure we’ve made a lot memories in the club. Made new friends. Found new lovers. And lost our morals to countless anthems over the years. And the truth is, we’ll continue to do so. As long as DJs are around, clubs are going nowhere. For what are high priests without their true temples? And what are we, without the dancefloor?

As our party scene continues to evolve organically to the ebb and flow of what the masses want, it’s nice knowing that our house scene is alive and well. And as for us, well, we’ll continue to go wherever the music takes us. From the stadium to the club, we’ll be there.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite vids from both clubs & stadiums that showcase the SA party scene and it’s artists at their best. Press play, enjoy, and see you at the next turn up.




Black Motion live at Drum Sessions


Shimza Live from Zone 6


Prince Kaybee In The Mix


Heavy- K live at ScrapYard Newcastle


DJ Fresh live at Mother Of All Parties







Catch up 3





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