Behind The Beat
Behind every beat, there’s a story. An idea, melody, emotion that somehow inspired its making. As lovers of house music, we enjoy going beyond the auditory experience of our favourite tunes, to discover just how they were made. To figure out just how our favourite producers shaped and moulded our favourite songs into existence.

No lie…we love that CSI type of stuff. Especially when it leaves us with clues on how to replicate & imitate certain sounds in the studio. Signature sounds, that are undeniable hallmarks of our favourite producers. However perhaps more importantly, we enjoy watching them in action. Conjuring up beats from the bottom of their souls, while we take in their musical perspectives. It’s a part of the music making process that we seldom get to see. A part, that’s left for our imaginations to figure out.

That’s why we’ve put together a few behind the scenes videos of some of our favourite house acts. Just to get a better understanding of their musical minds. So what are you waiting for? Press play & enjoy the musical insights from some of your favourite artists.



Todd Terry All Stars – Part 1


Armin van Buuren – The Making Of Mirage


Martin Garrix – In The Studio With Future Music


Goldfish – Three Second Memory Interview


Swedish House Mafia – The making of ‘One’


GoodLuck – The Making of the Nature Within Album








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Best Songs 2019

Best Songs 2019

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HMSA Releases




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