Approved Aftermovies

Approved Aftermovies
Aftermovies. The universes way of punishing us. The perfect utopian world where the party is never dull, the people are always hot, and hangovers don’t exist. Aftermovies, the coolest type of torture. And yes we absolutly them.

There’s no science as to why aftermovies exist. Just like your favourite trailer, they exist for one reason only, to promote. Let’s be honest, how else would we really know if a festival was worth going to. Worth saving up for, and buying new clothes for. Sure the DJ lineup is one way of trying to figure it out. Or, you could troll the internet in search of articles on how awesome “that” event was, and what DJ “So & So” did. But honestly, where’s the fun in that. Enter the aftermovie. The answer to everyone’s problem.

Look, to be totally honest with you, we really never knew how lit some of these events were. Take for example our personal favourite the 51st State Festival. We don’t know if it’s the music or if it’s the editor. If in true aftermovie fashion, we’ve been sold a dream of basking in the sun with hot people while listening to house music. Sold a fantasy, that may be nothing more than smoke and mirrors. A trick of the camera so to speak. We don’t know. And really don’t care. Cause it worked. It worked so well, that a few of us are literally planning on going. How’s that for the power of aftermovies.

Just in case you need a little convincing, we’ve put together a few “approved” aftermovies that will get you booking your ticket in no time. So press play, get to planning, and see you in the next festivals aftermovie.



Rage Festival – 2017 Aftermovie


Defected Croatia – 2017 Aftermovie


51st State Festival – 2016 Aftermovie


Ultra Beach Hvar – 2017 Aftermovie


SpringFiesta – 2017 Aftermovie


We Are FSTVL – 2017 Aftermovie


RESISTANCE IBIZA – 2017 Aftermovie


Sonus Festival – 2017 Aftermovie






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