It’s for those who like to dance, but not too much. For those who like to get down, but not get dirty. It’s for the groovers, and not for the shakers.
It’s a sound that’s distinctively from the hood. And yes, we can’t get enough of it.

We don’t know when or where Amapiano started. However for some good reason, we kinda feel like it’s been here all along. Like a distant cousin we only see at family functions. One thing we do know for sure is that it couldn’t have come from anywhere else than the townships of South Africa. Where experimental youths bored with the norm, and with nothing more than production software & a keyboard, distilled the sounds of Kwaito, infused them with the essence of house, and sprinkled a touch of jazz for good measure. Creating a sound that undoubtedly resonates with the swager of the streets. A sound that’s familiar enough to listen to, yet intriguing enough to wanna dissect.

Kick drums? Hard hitting snares? Nope, you won’t find them here. Instead, Amapiano is mainly characterised by its melodic solos, in which pianos, organs, flutes and xylophones take center stage as the lead narrators of the track, while pulsating basslines create Kwaito like moods against the backdrop of a percusion filled track. Yeah, it’s definitely a brand of music that’s distinctive enough to stand alone as a genre. A genre, that’s beloved by many, and misunderstood by a select few.

Like its older brother GQOM, Amapiano is a new genre of music born from the context that shaped it. As such, it may be hard for many to truly embrace it, or understand it in its entirety. Some hardened house heads are often of the opinion that it really is just a poor attempt at making house music. A layman’s genre, for those who prefer to ramble along on their keyboards, substituting flare and style for structure.

Sure it’s only music. And sure we all have our own tastes & opinions. However sometimes, appreciating new genres, artistic feats, or new tracks requires us to view them through the lens from which they were created. An exercise that more often than not enriches the experience, allowing us to appreciate it that much more.

We don’t know if Amapiano is the future. Or if it’ll ever be as renowned as its bigger brother GQOM. All we know, is that we’re willing to back it. And on that day when Diplo & Black Coffee drop a banging Amapiano track, remember…we were here first.

Take a listen to these sizzling tracks and mixes, that are bound to make you fall in love with Amapiano. Enjoy!















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Press Play November

Press Play November

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